Bespoke, Reliable and Affordable Tree Surgery and Gardening Services based in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

ACTG Services provides arboriculture and horticultural services for small private gardens, large estates and commercial grounds.

A professional job is guaranteed whether it be a small grass cut or the dismantling of a 60ft tree. ACTG Services are qualified, insured and fully equipped to undertake all aspects of garden maintenance and as well as more complex tree work. All arboriculture is conducted in line with the British Standard for tree work (BS3998), enabling safe and effective workmanship.

We offer a bespoke and affordable service for every size/type of job, taking the time to tailor our service to your requirements and budget. We pride ourselves on putting safety first and take great care around people, animals, buildings, roads and overhead wires etc. All staff are NPTC qualified in the appropriate subjects/skills and highly experienced. We always conduct ourselves in a polite and courteous manner and insist on a spotless finish to every job. A large portion of our work is gained from recommendation.

Contact Alex at AC Tree & Garden Services today to book your free work estimate. We are based in Bicester, North Oxford and serve the surrounding areas.

We offer the following arboricultural services to help keep your trees safe and healthy

Tree Pruning

Crown Raising

Removing some of the lower branches to raise ground clearance of the tree.

Crown Thinning

A uniform density of foliage is achieved by removing a portion of smaller branches. Gardens and properties often benefit from more light reaching them through the tree canopy.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the overall shape of the tree by target pruning to form a natural shape


Pruning the top of a tree to encourage multi-stem regrowth carried out periodically. Often carried out on Willow, Lime, Sycamore amongst others.

Tree Planning & Advice

Tree Planning

ACTG Services can complete applications concerning work needed/required when a Tree Preservation Order is in place or when the tree grows within a Conservation Area. Usually a response is received from the appropriate area Council within 6 weeks. A correctly completed Application Form/Notice of Intent Form can make the request/application smoother by using the correct terminology/description of work to done.

Tree Advice

We will fully assess and evaluate the health and condition of your trees and offer advice on all issues relevant to your tree and explain the reasons for work to be conducted.

Windblown/Dangerous Trees

Risk assessment, advice and treatment of wind damaged trees.

Tree Felling & Removal

A tree may become unsafe because it is dead/structurally defective caused by disease, old age or simply poor upkeep. When a tree requires removal we can dismantle it using correct rigging techniques, equipment and qualified personnel.

Stump Grinding

Solving the problem of a stump that may be unsightly or in the way of re-planting. We grind the remaining stump down below the soil level to a pre-agreed depth. Some tree stumps will produce shoots from the stump if left.

Wood Chipping

You may have started some tree work yourself and need some of the garden brash chipped and taken away. This is a service we offer. All our wood chips are recycled either at a local allotment or stock piled for future compost.

All tree surgery is conducted in line with the British Standard for tree work (BS3998), enabling safe and effective workmanship. All green waste will be taken off site and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We can also chop up/log any branches and trunks into firewood for you. Contact us today for a free work estimate

We offer the following horticultural services to keep your garden tidy and beautiful all year round

Grass Cutting & Lawn Care

One off or regular mowing. All year round lawn care and maintenance.

Hedge Cutting

We cut clients hedges to the required height and shape. Advice is offered concerning re-growth of hedging and when is best to cut. High ladders and extendible pole pruners are implemented to trim and tidy even the highest hedges.


Weeding (flower beds) can be a great help to those who find it difficult or do not have the time. A ‘weed spraying’ service is available where a large amount of weeds need to be killed/controlled.

Site Clearance

Often moving into a new home means your garden will need a thorough tidy up. We can remove all green waste (any unrequired trees/hedges/plants etc.) and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Grounds Maintenance

Rental property landlords and other commercial property owners require regular grounds maintenance to keep their properties rentable/presentable for clients. We can book a regular appointment to suit your needs.

ACTG Services are fully equipped to handle all gardening tasks, no matter how big or small. All green waste will be removed from your garden and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Contact us today for a free work estimate.

& Recommendations
Here's what our customers have to say about us...

"ACTG Services did some work for me to tame a large and unruly cherry tree. Alex provided a professional and friendly service, bringing back some much-needed light into the garden, whilst keeping the tree looking healthy and full. He has since returned to work on smaller jobs and has always been professional and accommodating"


"From consultation to work being carried out Alex was very professional, hard working and thorough. Our home was left spotless from carry cuttings through our house and the finished results were brilliant. We will always use Alex (ACTG Services) in the future and always highly recommend him to our friends and family"


"I urgently needed a sprawling ivy that climbs over my walls and gate tamed back into a sensible shape, and also help cutting up and disposing of some logs. Alex (ACTG Services) helped swiftly and efficiently with both"


"Excellent service! Alex went above and beyond what we asked for. It was so nice to get our garden space back. We're very grateful and would recommend ACTG Services to everyone"


"I am extreamly pleased with all aspects of Alex's work. He (and his team) are courteous, professional and provide informed and thoughtful advice when required. The garden is always left tidy and clear of any debris. From pruning, hedge cutting and removing trees, to mowing, garden clearance and general maintenance it is always completed in a thorough and efficient manner. Alex's work on our garden has spanned over 1 year and I can recommend him without hesitation"


"Alex carefully looked at each of the trees in turn to decide how best to deal with them. His remit was to lower the height and thin out the branches. I needed more light coming through to the garden. Alex tidied up the garden very well after all the cutting and pruning had taken place and all of the debris was removed from site. I am very pleased with the end result"


"Alex (ACTG Services) took down our large Ash tree, which was badly diseased. The work was completed in an extremely professional manner. He is a very clean and tidy worker and left us the logs, as requested, in manageable sections for firewood. He removed the whole stump (including buttress/side roots) using a stump grinding machine. Alex left the area in great order with no damage at all to the house"



Contact Alex at AC Tree & Garden Services to book your free work estimate. We respond to all queries ASAP and aim to meet with you and discuss the required work within 5 days. We are based in Bicester, North Oxfordshire and serve the surrounding areas including:

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